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A Warrior for All Times — Col. John Boyd: From Manassas to Terrorism and Beyond  is designed to inspire Americans to think like the cigar-chewing, take-no-prisoner fighter pilot, Col. John Boyd, who was much more than a seasoned battle-scarred warrior during the Korean War.  Boyd’s non-traditional approach to the art of war made him a warrior for all times.  He was a warrior, whose thinking might have ended the Civil War before it began, including in the analysis of the First Battle of Manassas.  He also was a warrior who opposed traditional, bureaucratic thinking that now has us bogged down in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in a stalemated War against Terrorism.  This book shows how terrorism can be destroyed at its very foundation at a much smaller cost in lives and DoD budget. Order your copy today!


The First Battle of Manassas – Like A Stonewall examines the meddling of the government on both sides that not only led to military failures, but it also prolonged the Civil War.  These failures still exist today as the federal government intervenes in military decisions and micromanages the military.  “Civilianization” of the military has gotten out of control.  Neither victory nor peace can be obtained in this environment.

Author Lt Col Joe Hinds, USAFR Ret., who served in all four military departments over four decades, was a fraud attorney who uncovered more fraud, waste, and abuse among federal employees than with government contractors.  He recommends an immediate and substantial downsizing in the federal government.  No matter how bad you thought the federal government was, it’s worse.  You need to read The Red Fed – An Insider’s View of the Federal Government.

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