Don’t Think Like Me; Think Like You

Hindsight’s books and articles are designed to:  (1) make you think and (2) entice you to think differently.  If you like what I have to say, then that is fine, but my hope is that my words will generate thought and not just agreement.  I don’t expect that you will think like me, at all.  In fact if you do, I will worry about you because nobody should think like me except me.

My thinking should be independent of all prior and future thinkers.  It belongs to me and to me alone.  My fierce independence guarantees that it will be different than what most people think.  But it should provoke you to think and may energize you to come out strongly against what I have said.  That would be perfect.  You should think like you, not like me.

If everybody agrees with me, then I haven’t accomplished anything.  I want people to think about what I say and then offer opposite views based on facts and solid reasoning.  I hope you think differently because that shows growth.  It doesn’t matter to me in which direction your growth goes.  I may not agree with your opinions and beliefs, but I will stand with you and defend to the death your right to state them.

I am very nervous about how much or, rather, how little the majority of Americans think today.  Our education system is lagging behind other countries, and we are starting to see the results.  The majority seems to be very receptive to “brainwashing” tactics that are used by politicians and the media.  It’s almost like the average American has become a zombie, hypnotized by the grind of daily activities so that he/she is unable to think for themselves.

If you examine the television shows and advertisements, you capture the pulse that indicates the heartbeat within the USA.  The fake wrestling and “reality” shows are prime examples of mindless programs that are poured out over the air today.  The ads focus on the non-thinking acceptance of viewers.  For example, an Arby’s commercial attempts to make consumers believe that its product is fresher because it is sliced at the local restaurant instead of in Iowa at Subway’s centralized location.  What has slicing got to do with how fresh the product is?  Politicians are worse.  They can say the other candidate lied without any proof.  Americans accept this garbage without complaint.  I rather imagine some Americans are glued to the tube completely zoned out with drool sliding down the side of their mouths.

This new zombie-land gives me concern because Americans can become like the mice that followed the Pied Piper over the cliff.  History is full of examples where citizens were not paying attention and thus bought into the brainwashing tactics like those of Stalin and Hitler.  Are we going to drink the Kool-aid with a stupid smile on our faces after being served by James Jones, or are we going to stand up for and think for ourselves?

The bottom line is that we as individuals should exercise our freedom to think for ourselves.  We should question everything that a third party states as a fact.  In the computer age, it is tempting to believe everything we see on the internet, but please resist.  A high percentage of this information is incorrect.  Research everything. Do your homework and stop relying on others to feed you their version of the facts.  Nine times out of ten, this is bad or incomplete information.  Don’t even believe me.  Decide for yourself.  How many times do you use your computer to check and verify what somebody has said?  How many times do you just accept it and go on because you have a soccer game to attend?  Judge yourself and then judge others.  I think you will be surprised.

Again, I’m not asking you to think like me.  I’m simply asking you to first, think, and then to think differently.  Try it.  I think you’ll like yourself better.

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