There are many stories of adults and children who claim to vividly remember being someone else, but some of these stories are truly remarkable.  The stories of reincarnation may make you think about the possibility of our bodies dying and decomposing, but our “soul” or some thinking entity would live on.

This possibility seems to comport with the scientific law of conservation of mass and energy, which indicates that all the mass and energy in our universe can neither be created nor destroyed.  Our bodies are transformed into other matter and energy, but the part of us that thinks may be different.  It might survive to pass on to another living entity.  This rite of passage will remain unknown until we take that journey.

It is interesting that some people have recalled in significant detail the events of their past lives.  It is not known whether the Creator has created our universe with our awareness trapped inside bodies to serve out multiple-life sentences for our inability to lead good lives.  Indeed, hell could be the universe itself with humans trapped inside, continuing their effort to reach a better world.  It would make sense that the Creator, whose world might be on the other side of our universe, would only accept those “souls” that were truly cleansed.

The interesting cases of recalled reincarnation come from the mouths of babes… children.  Some children have astounded their parents by telling them that they used to be somebody else.  But they don’t stop with the announcement.  They go into details that the child would never have known.  They would discuss details about famous people from that former period of time that the children would never have known about.  The parents would exclaim that their children’s stories were too detailed and extensive to have been made up.

NBC evening news on March 23, 2015, detailed an amazing story about one such child, called Ryan from Oklahoma.  Ryan actually identified his former body in a photograph he saw in a book.  His mother got in touch with with Dr. Jim Tucker, an associate professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia.  Dr. Tucker was a child psychiatrist who studied cases of children who recalled past lives.  His office documented over 2,500 cases.

Dr. Tucker did some research and discovered that the man identified by Ryan was Marty Martyn, an actor in the movie, “Night After Night.”  Martyn had been a movie extra and then later became a successful Hollywood agent before dying in 1964, well before Ryan was born.  Perhaps there is a missing part of this process, where we go through other consequences before returning for a second chance.

The truly amazing thing is that Ryan recalled 55 details from his previous life as Mr. Martyn that Dr. Tucker was able to confirm.  These were facts that would not have been located on the internet and could only be proven through interviews and detailed research in Hollywood.

Over 24 percent of Americans or about 75 million citizens believe in reincarnation.  Surveys indicate that about one in ten people actually can recall their past lives.  Is this because we want to believe in second chances?  But even with all these memories, some uncovered through hypnosis, scientists do not support these claims.

Another of Dr. Tucker’s cases describes James Leininger, who was four from Louisiana, who believed that he was a World War II pilot who had been shot down over Iwo Jima.  James’ parents noticed their son was having nightmares involving an airplane crash.  James knew details about WWII aircraft that were unusual.  When his mother referred to an object on the bottom of a toy plane as a bomb, James corrected her by saying it was a drop tank.  Another time, he and his parents were watching a History Channel documentary, and the narrator called a Japanese plane a Zero.  James insisted that it was a Tony, which was correct.   He also told his parents that his name was James in his former life and he had flown off a ship called the Natoma.  They did some research and found a pilot named James Huston on the USS Natoma Bay who died in an airplane crash during the war.

There are many scientists who dispute Dr. Tucker’s work.  They claim that many of the details provided by these children have been inadvertently provided by the parents.  For example, James Leininger was taken to a flight museum at an early age, and he picked up many details during that visit.  The other details may have been unintentionally implanted by his parents and counselors.   However, Dr. Tucker says that he has additional documentation for many of James’ statements.  His father was originally skeptical, but he described the information that his son provided as being “striking and unusual.”  His father laughed at the comment that he planted these memories in his son’s fertile mind.  He said, “You try telling a two-year-old what to believe; you’re not going to be able to give them a script.”

Dr. Tucker is not interested in selling the theory of reincarnation, but instead he wants to encourage people to consider the meaning of consciousness and how it might survive our deaths.  In other words, after you die, will you still be aware of your surroundings, whatever that might be?  Will you still be thinking?

Dr. Tucker said, “I believe in the possibility of reincarnation, which is different from saying that I believe in reincarnation.”  He continued, “I do think these cases require an explanation that is out of the ordinary, although that certainly doesn’t mean we all reincarnate.”

What are the odds of something continuing after death?  Actually, the odds are pretty good if you believe in the law of conservation of mass and energy.  Your brain may decompose into something else at death, but your thoughts will not die because your thinking cannot be destroyed in this universe.  At least, that seems to fit the law.

What happens after you die?  Nobody knows.  We can only speculate, but it seems that the Creator has consequences in store for us.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if one of the consequences was that we had to return to the same earth that we had polluted and desecrated?