Moving Forward to the Past

If an astronaut could travel in space near the speed of light and he traveled to the closest star from our sun, which would be Proxima Centauri about 4.24 light years away, it would take the astronaut about 8.48 years to make the round trip.  When the astronaut returned, he would find that everybody had aged substantially.  In effect, he would have gone back in time by traveling at a faster speed than everybody that remained on earth.  From his wife’s perspective, he would have moved forward to the past.  While from his perspective, he would have come back to the future.

So, what does this tell us about movement after the early expansion of the Big Bang?  If all the matter were moving equally near the speed of light, then the relative time would remain the same as to each other.  Even though the matter might be moving back in time, everything would be moving back in time at an equal rate, so it would appear to be the same.

However, we know by the red shift effect that the stars and galaxies in the universe are not staying at the same speed.  In fact, their speed is increasing as they distance themselves from each other.  That can be either because they are shrinking away from each other or because they are expanding away from each other.

Which is more likely?  Well, from our perspective on earth, it seems to be more probable that the rapid acceleration of matter in the universe is causing it to be younger than we are on earth.  In effect, the faster the stars distance themselves from us, the farther back in time they go from us.  Time appears to reverse itself because of the tremendous speeds of the stars and galaxies as they shrink away from each other.

That astronaut who traveled to Proxima Centauri returned to an earth that had moved forward in time, while time had slowed down for him.  His wife became much older during his trip.  From the perspective of his wife, time had reversed itself for her husband astronaut.  Time really did not reverse itself, but it seemed that way through the wife’s eyes.

Thus, from our point of view on earth, time may appear to be reversing itself for all the other objects in the universe.  And it is more logical that from earth’s perspective, time would be going backwards for the rest of the universe.  This would be a shrinking of time for the rest of the universe that might comport with a compaction of matter in the universe.  Since scientists refer to a space-time fabric in the universe, it would make sense that the entire fabric with mass intertwined in its web is collapsing.