End of Our Time

As we get older, we get closer to the end of our time on earth and perhaps in the universe.  Even though we know that our bodies remain, decompose, and return to the universe’s recycling system, we are not certain if our consciousness dies with our brain.  You also might call it our awareness.  It is that thing inside you that is aware of everything going on around you.  It is both your conscience and your consciousness all wrapped up inside your body.  It is what you employ to make decisions with your free will.

It is quite strange to find that many people try to ignore the approaching end of time.  Even though they know it is coming, they would rather not deal with it.  Many stay busy with their jobs or family and never think about it.  Others deal with it through religion or philosophy.  But as we get older and closer to the end of time, you would think that we would think more about preparing for the end.

Most would ask how you could possibly prepare for the unknown.  Well, I think religion and philosophy would be a good start.  You need to prepare yourself mentally because if you are still aware after you die, then your thoughts will be all that you will have.  You will have no body, no senses, no clocks to calculate time, nothing that you will be familiar with from the old world to distract you from your thoughts… you will be stuck in a world where your thoughts may be all that you have.  So, it might be a good idea for you to spend some quiet moments in a dark room and get to know yourself before the end of time.

Instead of spending time at a gymnasium pumping iron or jogging, you should be building up your mind.  You should be spending time inside yourself through meditation.  You should be getting to know that thinking creature inside you.  Why is this important?  Well, if you die and are still thinking, then you will be spending an eternity with yourself.  That could be a very bad thing.  For example, if you were placed in solitary confinement, would you be able to handle it or would you lose control?  If you had not built up your mind and prepared for this event, you probably would hallucinate within a short period of time.  Your nightmares would consume your thoughts.  In effect, you would be your own worst enemy.

There is no guarantee that you can prepare for death by thinking about it in advance, but there is no downside to thinking about it.  If nothing else, it should help you accept it.  Sticking your head in the sand is certainly not a good answer to dealing with the end of time.  Of course, if you die and you are no longer thinking, then the best thing possible has just happened.  The worst thing is to die and to still be thinking without any direction in this new chaotic, unknown world.

The least you can do is to think about this possibility for a few minutes.  Do you have a plan?  How would you channel your thoughts at that point?  Do you have a God that you trust who would be your guide through this strange world?  You must have something other than yourself because otherwise you will not get very far in this new journey.

Do Hardened Criminals Really Care?

A lady who was being strangled by an attacker told the criminal to stop choking her or he would kill her.  The man had a crooked smile and answered, “Do you think I really care?”  The police broke into the room and the man released his choke hold.  When asked if the police saved her life, she answered in the affirmative.  She declared, he would have killed me, otherwise. 

Most criminals commit crimes intentionally.  They make decisions to commit crimes no differently than we make decisions in our daily business.  They decide to murder or rape or rob victims.  Even though there are crimes of passion and crimes committed by those with a mental defect, most crimes are based on choices.

So criminals really do care.  It’s just they care about themselves and don’t care about their victims.  They decide to murder somebody because it will lead to something beneficial for them, even if it is just the thrill of the kill.  They want to rape somebody because it provides some type of gratification, usually a feeling of power rather than satisfying sexual needs.  They choose to rob in order to obtain something they can pawn for their drug habit or find some cash to buy something they want. 

For these criminals, it’s all about them.  Unfortunately, our society is becoming more selfish and is becoming a potential breeding ground for criminals.  A self-centered society is typically a lawless society.  These citizens only care about serving themselves and do not care about other people around them. 

Generally, a self-serving society sets the stage for increased criminal activity.  Most societies start with good moral values, but entropy takes over and the social resolve starts to disintegrate usually after many younger generations have pushed for fewer consequences.  As consequences are reduced, this also sets the stage for increased criminal activity. 

The older generations typically are disappointed with the succeeding generations as they liberalize laws, removing their teeth.  Each generation seems to be less focused on doing the right thing for everybody.  The generations have gotten progressively worse. 

Younger generations may say that there should be no penalties for crimes that hurt no one but the offender.  For example, we have seen a more liberalized approach to the use of marijuana based on the idea that users of this drug are not harming anybody else.  Yet, if a driver on marijuana runs over a pedestrian, an argument could be made that third parties may be injured by users of the drug.  And even if a third party is not injured, society could be harmed by misuse of marijuana.   

Today’s generations are so interested in themselves that they aren’t even aware that other people in the world exist.  Their entire lives are based on what they can do for themselves.  They don’t care about their neighbors, their family, their city, their state, or their nation.  All they can see is what is in front of their mirror. 

And unfortunately, they do not have the proper education to develop humility, compassion, or empathy.  They do not study Aristotle, so they have never heard of the “golden mean.”  They do not read about Buddha and do not know about the “Middle Path.”  They have never read about the great philosophers and religious leaders.  They have not studied ethics or moral codes.  Their studies of history are so limited that most high school students do not even know the first five presidents of the United States.  All they learn in school is how to get ahead and get what they want. 

Many turn to drugs to make money.  Very few have charity in their hearts.  If you look into their eyes, you will see self-absorbed “zombies” with no souls.  These modern-day “children of the corn” are no different than hardened murderers who have no remorse.  And if they killed somebody later in life to get something they wanted, their conscience would not be disturbed.  In fact, they would be angry that you would want to deny them what they wanted.  Part of this stems from the bloody video games and movies that are desensitizing young adults. 

They do not want consequences.  Even though choices should always have consequences, they want to eliminate all consequences.  Can you imagine what society would be like if these zombies were turned loose in the world without consequences?  But that’s where we are headed as our social structure continues to erode. 

Criminals are very optimistic.  They believe that they have the right to do anything they want to do and there should be no consequences.  Even when society has laws that punish them, they are optimistic that detectives will not discover that they committed the crimes.  But even if detectives do discover that they committed the crime, prosecutors will not have sufficient evidence to make a case.  Our criminal justice system has been liberalized over the decades, making it difficult to punish criminals. 

Criminals have more reasons to be optimistic.  Even if the prosecution can make a case against them, the criminal will hire a good defense attorney who can get them off.  However if their attorney does not get them off, they are optimistic that their sentence will be light.  Even if they do not get a light sentence, they can still appeal it, get a pardon or paroled, or get a reduced sentence for good behavior.  The prisons are overcrowded, so criminals are optimistic that they will get out early.  The bottom line is that even if they go to jail, they will receive free room and board (three hots & a cot), and will rub elbows with like-minded people who can help them become professional criminals and do a better job next time to avoid getting caught.

Our society is headed rapidly toward entitlements.  American citizens will be entitled to free meals, housing, and medical care until the middle class disappears.  Criminals, gang members, and drug lords will be entitled to do whatever they want with no consequences.  Private gun owners will have to give up their weapons, but not criminals.  Is this our future?

Do hardened criminals really care about your future?  They only care about themselves and their futures.  You, as an honest citizen, mean nothing to them.  They are predators and you represent easy prey.  Removing your guns for personal protection and laws that provide consequences to criminals are exactly what they want.

Is there any way to stop the dismantling of American society?  It has probably gone past the tipping point and cannot be turned around.  The majority of Americans rely on the government to keep them above water.  Without the government, they would sink.

Do the majority of Americans care about their country?  No, they probably don’t care.  As long as they are personally taken care of, that’s all that matters.  They don’t really care whether the American system is failing or not.  And they aren’t intelligent enough to know that after the middle class disappears, the government will stop their entitlements.  

At that point, a totalitarian government will enslave all the citizens, including criminals.  Even the hardened criminals will start to care at that moment because they will be restricted by the totalitarian government.  But it will be too late for everybody, except the ruling elite.  Since you will not have any weapons, if you disagree with the government, those in power will execute you.  Most criminals will really care then.