It’s Free

Have you noticed all the advertisements that offer items that are free?  Health insurance is free.  You are invited to try a month’s supply of a product that is free.  Cell phones are free.  Vacations are free.  But isn’t there usually a catch?  You get that free vacation, but you have to sit and watch a video and then listen to a salesman’s pitch that lasts for hours.

The older generations went through the Great Depression and many wars and recessions.  They know that there is no free lunch.  However, the younger generations don’t know that yet.  They will have to go through some tough times before they finally realize that most things cost you something.  Sometimes, that cost is even giving up your freedom.

But there are some things that are free:  Love that requires nothing in return; God’s gift of life; and the freedom to make choices.  Start with these items that really are free, and you will discover that the other items that are advertised as being free are really quite expensive.  Accept what is truly free and work hard to protect yourself from those who promise you free items in return for taking away your hard-earned freedoms.