President Obama recently reminded us that Islamic extremism should not be criticized since it is no different than the barbaric acts committed during the Crusades or Inquisition in the name of Christ.  This is multiculturalism carried to the extreme.  In other words, we should accept barbaric acts committed by other cultures since we also committed them.

One of the more interesting aspects of humanity is its inability to remain moderate during difficult times.  It seems that we can remain civilized and follow a middle-of-the-road approach as long as the extremists are controlled.  But when the extremists have no consequences, then all hell breaks loose.

Extremists create more extremists.  Moderates have a difficult time existing during these times.  The extremist acts of Sunnis against Shiites and vice versa has been going on for decades without any hope for peace.  They will be seeking revenge against each other for the next hundred years.  And they want to drag the civilized countries into this environment.  Why?

Do you remember the story about the poor man who lived on the wrong side of the tracks who got in a fight with a rich man on the other side?  The poor man had nothing to lose, but the rich man lost everything when he was brought down to the poor man’s level when they both were incarcerated.

It certainly makes sense to respect all cultures, but it makes no sense to give cultures a free pass to behead others in the name of multiculturalism.  The beheading of Christians by Muslim extremists will create Christian extremists.

So what is the answer to extremism?  Well, all the civilized countries of the world, including those in the Middle East and Africa, should unite to form international anti-extremist cells that will arrest and bring to justice in a World Court all the extremists in the world.  These extremists typically are not fighting for a country, so these are not acts of war.  They are simply criminal acts, requiring arrests and criminal trials.  Since we are experiencing more international crimes, it might be beneficial to create a world-wide justice system to deal with these extremists.

If we allow the extremists to continue on without consequences, they eventually will obtain nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction and it will be too late.

Multiculturalism is perfectly acceptable as long as those from other cultures who commit crimes are held accountable by world police and international courts.  The downside is that this could play into the hands of totalitarian governments who would misuse this system to create a police state.  But as long as moderates are in control of this system, it will not only work, but it will provide fair consequences to extremists who break the law.