Where Do You Go on the Information Highway?

We all have favorite sites that we go to on the information highway. Some of us play video games, others enjoy chat rooms, some go to porno sites, and others buy items on line. There are many sites to visit on the IT highway, but how do you know which locations are best for you? Do the video games desensitize your feelings about killing others? Do you say things in the chat rooms that you regret later? Are the visits to the porn sites offering only temporary gratification?

There are many negative sites on the information highway because they don’t go anywhere substantive. You can go online and find a friend to date, but you have no idea what you are getting into. One girl I know dated an on-line friend, who became a stalker and scared her into getting a restraining order. You probably have seen the television commercial where a lady found a French model on line to date, thinking that if it’s on line, it has to be true. When she met the gentleman, he used a really bad French accent to say “Bonjour.” Obviously, he was anything but a model.

The internet highway has many dangers. There are hackers, slackers, hijackers, and wackers (serial killers). You have to be very careful about accessing e-mails that have sites attached to them. The sites could carry viruses and worms, and, in some cases, the e-mails can do the same. The owners of these sites are becoming very sophisticated with their traps. They find your friends on Facebook and then pretend like they are your friends sending an e-mail to you. They send out e-mails disguised as Yahoo or Express Mail or some other legitimate activity wanting you to respond. Cookies are dropped into your system from legitimate businesses. The government can access and watch most of what you do on line. Identify theft is rampant.

So, where do you go on the information highway? In today’s society and in today’s environment, there is only one place to go that is safe. All the other locations are negative and dangerous. You have nowhere else to go, but this one positive location. Unfortunately, very few people reach this site. They are distracted by all the negative sites. It requires a tremendous leap of faith that most don’t have. Only a small percentage of our society will ever reach this destination. And even those who have a chance to arrive at this site will spend their entire lives working to get there. But even these people will not get to this site until after they die. Where it it? It is the Garden of Eden.  You can find it only on the highway to Heaven.