How to Be a Better Person

Some days were better than others, but I was constantly working toward becoming a better person.  In the beginning, I focused entirely on myself.  I tried to straighten myself up and iron out all the rough edges.  But I found out that I was not permanent press.  My life was never smooth, so I found that I was applying more pressure and heat from within in my efforts to iron out my rough patches.  It was very frustrating as the wrinkles kept returning.

Finally, I realized that we are human.  That is how we are made.  We can’t change that.  Only our Creator can change any of that.  In order for me to straighten up my life, I had to reach out to my Creator.  I had to become one with God in order to become a better person.  I could not do it by myself.  Unification with God was the only way to be a better person.  Once God is in your life, you instantly become a different and better person.

When you attempt to become a better person by yourself, you end up comparing yourself to other humans.  You settle.  You see your neighbor having extra-marital affairs, so you congratulate yourself for avoiding that.  You feel like you are a better person by comparing yourself to others in your neighborhood.  If you are better than most of your neighbors, then you must be a better person.  That is not becoming a better person.  That is settling for what you are.  Instead of improving yourself, you measure yourself against other humans and attempt to make yourself feel like a better person, rather than actually being a better person.

However, when you hook up with God and bring Him into your life, you are starting that journey to becoming a better person.  In many ways, Jesus was a Gnostic.  He became one with God like the Gnostics.  But Jesus took the unification to the highest level.  He became God.  That is the next step beyond unifying with God.  He was God.  I believe that can only happen with perfect humans.  Since I am a poor wretch, far from perfect, I can only become one with God.  But that is good enough to start down the path of being a better person.

If God is inside you, you immediately become a better person.