Can God Be Proven?

I cannot prove there is a God any more than you can prove that God does not exist.  Atheists typically announce that there is no God, but they rarely admit that there is no evidence for their belief.  Some religious adherents do the same.  But the truth is that neither side, no matter how strong their beliefs, can provide one bit of objective evidence for their positions.

That being said, I believe there is a God.  Why?  I know how little we know, so I rely on subjective evidence.  I know, a priori, there is a God.  I use deduction and inference and intuition.  If we were created, it is logical that there is a Creator.  If there is a design in the universe, then I can deduce that there is a Designer.

You may properly ask who created the Creator and who designed the Designer, and I would tell you that I do not have a clue.  But then I already admitted that I know how little we know.  So since I am so much in the dark on the creation and design of the universe, how can I be so arrogant as to believe in God?

As I said, I have to rely on my intuition that there is a God.  I think, therefore I am aware of my existence.  I think, therefore my instincts tell me that my existence makes no sense unless there were a God.  Why would I have a conscience if there were no consequences?  Why would there be a test without somebody to grade the exam?  Why would we have free will to make poor choices if there were no consequences?  As Christian existentialists might say, “Life is absurd… without God.”

But I also have a practical reason to believe in God, which may be the best reason of all.  One of my favorite stories is about a young boy who was asked by his parents to pick out a puppy.  One of the puppies in the store made eye contact with the boy and started wagging its tail vigorously and came running over to him.  The little boy exclaimed, “That’s the dog I want… the one with the happy ending.”  If I believe in God and act accordingly, then there is a chance for a happy ending.  On the other hand if I do not believe in God, there is no chance for a happy ending.

Even if the odds of there being a God were one million to one, I would still believe in God.  Why?  Because there are no consequences for believing in God and being wrong, while there are significant consequences for not believing in God and being wrong.

These are just some of my musings that I am sharing with you.  If you don’t believe in God, that is your right to choose.  I am such an advocate for freedom of choice that I would never interfere with your decision.  However, if you have not decided yet, I wanted you to have some more information that might be important in making your final decision.

So, is that your final answer?