Consumers Will Consume Anything

American consumers will buy just about anything. For example, we buy the McRib without even asking what is in it. Would you believe it has a mixture of tripe, heart, and scalded stomach, which is then mixed with salt and water to extract proteins from the muscle-meats?

The proteins bind all the pork trimmings together so that it can be re-molded into any specific shape — in this case, a fake slab of ribs. The 500 calorie sandwich has 70 ingredients, including azodicarbonamide, a flour-bleaching agent often used in the production of foamed plastics. All this sounds appetizing to me. How about you?

A popular ad on television shows an attractive young lady who believes everything on the internet. In fact, she has a date with a French model that she met on the internet. He comes up to her and says, “Bonjour,” in a really bad French accent.

Another popular ad shows restaurants slicing their meat at manufacturing locations instead of at the store. The idea is to make the public believe that slicing meat at the restaurant makes it fresher. I wonder if that restaurant sliced unrefrigerated two-week-old meat at the store if it would be fresher? Like I said, American consumers bite into anything anymore.

We have lost our ability to think for ourselves.  Of course, politicians have known this for years.