About Hindsight

Hindsight is a limited liability company, owned by Lt Col Joe Hinds, USAFR, Ret., that writes for and publishes books, magazines, and other publications about the federal government, designed to ensure a better legacy for our progeny. Visit the Hindsight Publishing website.

Hindsight attempts to inspire creative thinking, leading to the downsizing of federal government by substituting local governments, thus eliminating duplication of government services and costs, reducing our national debt, leading us into a Brave New World of self-reliance, independence, and ingenuity.  A thin-ice danger exists from the weight of the federal government poised to crash into the freezing waters of socialism, where neither war nor peace can be secured and where small businesses will be eliminated.  Whether you are in the military, government, business, or are just an American trying to survive in today’s distressed economy, you will find a new direction provided by Hindsight.

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