Looking At Our Past

If you look into a mirror, you will see a younger you.  The image that bounces back to you was you when you were just a tiny bit younger.

Your reflection also will be a fraction of a second older than when you first looked into the mirror.  Time has moved forward in the microsecond that allowed your image to speed to the mirror and return back to your eyes.

These sound like contradictions.  How can your image be a younger you when time has moved into the future?  Can I actually be younger in the future?  Perhaps this is possible depending on our perspective.  If we examine a stationary world using clocks, calendars, and newspapers, we will see each day as another step into the future.  If our frame of reference is expanded to include a moving universe, carrying us to a different time, we might find ourselves actually getting younger rather than older.

What?  How is that possible?  Well, as we travel at increased speeds, time actually slows down.  We age less at these higher accelerations.  Of course, nobody knows what happens as you enter a black hole, but some scientists believe that time stops and then reverses itself.

Most scientists think that the “red shift” is an indicator that our universe is expanding at an increasing speed.  It is more likely that our universe is collapsing at an accelerating speed. The red shift would result from either expansion or contraction (expanding away has the same red shift effect as shrinking away from other objects in the universe, except when gravity rules as it does within galaxies and between close galaxies like the Milky Way and Andromeda), but with entropy in play with expansion, contraction is the more logical conclusion since the speeds are accelerating.

If we are, in fact, shrinking exponentially, we should be able to see the light from ancient galaxies.  As it turns out, we can.  If we were expanding rapidly, we would not be able to see the ancient galaxies because their light would have sped by us at the speed of light billions of years ago.

So as we stare into space, we see ancient galaxies that may include our atoms when they were much younger.  Since they no longer exist, how can we see them if we are moving away from the Big Bang?  It is more likely that we are collapsing back toward the Big Bang and that is why we can see ourselves when we were younger.

Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump

Dear President-Elect Donald Trump,

You may consider me a little presumptuous in attempting to advise you concerning your next four years since you did an amazing job in winning the election; however, I hope the staff member who reads this will pass this suggestion along to you.

Bottom Line First:  Please have “fireside chats with the American public, keeping us informed.

Why is this important?  First of all, the national media is not going to provide unbiased coverage of your administration.  In fact, newspapers and television stations will be working hard to undermine your efforts to make America great again.  You will be blamed for anything that is bad and, in many situations, you will be blamed for things that the press will pretend are bad, when really not.


Secondly, you will have a calming effect on Americans, who have not had a president who did this since FDR, who had fireside chats during the Great Depression.  If we have a recession or worse, which is possible because of what prior administrations have done or have failed to do, you should get out in front of the American people in these “chats” to explain what is going on and how you plan to ease their pain.  Just keep us informed and Americans will trust you with their future.

The fireside chats will have an additional bonus.  They will make you one of us.  We will all be working together to make America great again.  You can bring your family into this fireside chat, showing us that we also are your family.  You can explain that you inherited this financial situation and that you will be doing your best to keep the ship from sinking, but it will take everybody pulling together on the oars to make it work.

This may sound rather simple.  Well, that’s because it is.  But that’s also why it will work.  Your strength is that you are not a politician.  Americans are going to believe you.  You have a great deal of common sense.  Just use that sense and talk to us in a straight-forward manner, explaining what you are trying to do.  Americans are looking for somebody to lead them.  You can do it with simple “fireside chats.”


Lt Col Joe Hinds, USAF, Ret.