Let God

If I had no input from my senses, would I still be thinking?  If I had never seen the sun rise, would I have been able to think about it?  If I had no input, what could I be thinking about?  Perhaps, I would be thinking about past sensations.  Or I might be thinking about imaginary sensations… ones that I created.  But wouldn’t the created images be based on real life pictures cut and pasted together?  For example, I might imagine a beast that is part lion and part bull.

So that if I die and no longer have my senses to distract me and I am still thinking, will I have to rely on sensations from my prior life to think about?  During life, I would have interacted with others, but my thoughts would have been focused on me.  I would have thought about things that interested me.  I would have done things that I enjoyed.  I might profess to be humble and assist others who are in need of help, but everything would be received in the first person.  Life will be mostly about me.

But when I die, will my perspective change?  For instance if my senses are removed, then will I be thinking inside a dark shell by myself?  Or will my thoughts become nightmares with fiendish creatures attacking me from my past?  Or will I feel the distress of forever being stuffed inside a narrowing tube with no way out?  I will not have that mirror to engage myself, admiring what I had done the day before.  I may not have the social interaction.  In fact, it may be similar to isolation in a prison.  How long would it take before your mind would disintegrate?

Thus, it is extremely important to let God.  You are not the creator, so you cannot help yourself during any death experience.  If you die and stop thinking, then you will have won the lottery.  However, if you are still thinking after death, you will need something to hang onto.  Logically, that must be the Creator or God.  Who else could assist you through the eternal universe, but the one who created it?  And who else could enter your thoughts, but the one who created those thoughts?

So, let God inside you.  Let God lead you.  Let God protect you.  You will never be alone… even in the darkness of isolation.  God will be with you if you let Him inside you.  And you can start practicing this during your lifetime.  Whenever you get angry or are tempted by your humanness, ask God to enter.  You will be surprised how difficult it is to sin when God is welcomed inside.  You must prepare for the afterlife when God will be your guide through the underworld.  Give it to God during your life and you will have Him for eternity.