When you utilize your senses, your perspective is centrally focused.  Every sensation goes to your mainframe brain.  Your thoughts are also centralized in that same brain matter.  So who is this person you know as you?  You look in a mirror and you see a person staring back at you.  But who are you?

You probably are what you choose to make of yourself.  If you want to be rich, you will work for that end.  If you want a strong family life, you will concentrate on your parents, children, and grandchildren.  Your life is filled with choices and all your actions in life have consequences.  These decisions are part of who you, the creature in the mirror, are. 

But the creature’s perspective is not like watching a movie from a chair while third parties are performing.  The perspective is more like a dramatic production with the creature as the main character.  And the lines in the play are not memorized, but instead are extemporaneous.  Improvisation is the acting method of the central figure.  The lines spoken by the thespian are part of who he or she is.

But there is more to you than just your actions or words.  You also are what you think.  That strange creature looking back at you in the mirror is thinking.  And sometimes those thoughts are about the creature’s mortality.  Does that creature exist for a few moments in the sun and then slide into darkness forever?  Or does the creature have something more than flesh and blood that continues thinking after death?  And if you continue to think after you die, what will your new perspective be?  Will your thoughts create your new environment?  Instead of being the lead character in a play will you now be lost in a sensory-deprivation universe without any familiar dimensions, including time?  What will you hold onto in this new chaotic world, where like in the quantum realm, you may be in several locations at the same time?    

Many of your thoughts are private, known only to you.  This internal process of thinking is perhaps the most important part of you.  Because if you are still thinking after you die, your deeds and statements during life will carry no significance.  This is clearly mentioned by Jesus and other religious leaders.  Your works will not be the key to the afterlife.  It is your thoughts and beliefs that will protect and perfect you. 

So when you die, all your possessions and accouterments will be gone.  Your accomplishments and successes will be for naught.  All your friends and family will not be at your side.  You will be alone with you… for the first time.  You will have no distractions from facing the real you.  You will see yourself for who you really are, not just a creature in a mirror.  You will have a new perspective.  Your thoughts and your beliefs will be your only salvation from chaos that will attempt to wrap itself tightly around you, crushing your thoughts and cutting off all light and hope, drawing you into hell itself.

So please know yourself before you die.  Know your beliefs before you die.  Know your innermost thoughts before you die.  Know your perspective during life and imagine your new perspective upon death.  Be prepared to embrace this new perspective with a new way of thinking, following your creator into the new universe.  Your meeting with your creator will be one-on-one, but only if your thoughts take you to Him.  Your thoughts and beliefs are the keys to this new perspective.