Where Is the Social Security Trust Fund?

Do you know where your Social Security Trust Fund is located?  Where is the $2.6 trillion trust fund that has been collecting Social Security taxes for decades and is considered to be “untouchable” by Congress?  This question might be similar to the questions about where the Loch Ness Monster is hiding or where the Yeti is living?  Did the federal government place this trust fund in Area 51?  Where is it?

Well, it doesn’t exist or at least not in the typical way we expect to see trust funds invested.  If you and I were to start a savings or trust account, we would have cash and securities or something physical funding the account that we could touch and withdraw if we needed the savings.

The Social Security Trust Fund has no cash or securities.  This trust fund receives I.O.U.s from the federal Treasury, which takes the daily Social Security taxes and includes them in its general fund.  The “untouchable” Trust Fund is funded with “special-issue securities” from the Treasury, which are loans that the Treasury must repay.

In effect, the Social Security Trust Fund is a “fairy tale” account that not only is a fiction, but the $2.6 trillion dollar fund promised to the public was spent many years ago.  There is nothing left of this fund, but “smoke and mirrors” of the federal government.  Each year, Social Security has to obtain money from the Treasury in order to fund its cash-flow deficit.  If the Treasury does not provide the cash, there is no fund to cover this amount.

This makes a very interesting lie that the government has foisted on the public.  The government has told us for decades that the Social Security has a dedicated revenue stream and a separate “untouchable” trust account that should not be considered as part of our budget deficit.  The truth is that the Social Security funding should be part of the federal budget deceit and deficit.  It should be included in our federal budget deficit because it comes directly from the Treasury each year just like any other federal payments.  It is no different than any other non-funded Treasury expense.

Everything Is Connected

We tend to examine everything from our individual perspective.  We view other things as being disconnected from us.  For example when we see a dog run across our front lawn to pick up a stick, we view the dog and lawn and stick as separate entities that are not connected.

However, scientists know that everything we are and everything that we see was manufactured in a star’s supernova.  Everything in the universe that we can see came from stardust.  Dark matter also was formed by giant starbursts.  The only part of the universe that we cannot attribute to stars with any degree of certainty is dark energy, which accounts for about 75% of the universe.

Everything is connected not only in its origin, but also in the recycling process.  In our closed universe where all mass and energy has remained the same over its billions of years of existence, only transitions from mass and energy are permitted.  Matter can become different matter; energy can become different energy; and matter and energy can mutate back and forth.  When my body dies, it will decompose into both energy and matter.

Since everything is connected, it is not a stretch to now think of the dog and lawn and stick as tied into a microworld that is connected.  If we let our imaginations run a bit, we might see a possibility that dark energy is deep inside everything, awaiting inside the microworld.  But instead of my body having disconnected dark energy and your body having disconnected dark energy, we would all be connected to the dark energy inside us to form one super-flowing dark energy inside the mysterious quantum world.

This is rather hard to imagine since we all picture ourselves as quite distinct and separate from every other individual or object in the macroworld.  But it is quite possible and seems also likely because everything in the universe is connected.  If it is not connected in the macroworld, then it must be in the microworld.  The connection appears to be on the inside, rather than on the outside.

If this hypothesis is correct, then dark energy located on the inside, which is about 75% of the universe, must be pulling us back inside for a Big Crunch.  This is an interesting theory because it would start to explain why we view the universe as expanding at an increasing rate, headed toward nothing.  The reality may well be that the dark energy is causing the galaxies, which remain constant in proportion to each other, are being drawn inward toward the dark energy.  The shrinking away from each other would look exactly the same as if the universe were expanding.  This would explain why this action is increasing as the galaxies get closer to the dark energy within.  If the galaxies were still expanding from the Big Bang, they would be slowing down by now.  Certainly, they would not be accelerating.

Coincidence or Design?

In murder mysteries, the detectives will run across anomalies that they examine to determine if they are coincidences or part of a design proving murder.  For example, the wife of the deceased just happened to inherit a million dollars.  Or the wife of the deceased left for the Bahamas with her young lover a week after her husband was murdered.  Most seasoned detectives do not believe in coincidences.  They just keep on the trail of the suspect until they have amassed sufficient evidence to prove the design of the murder beyond a reasonable doubt.

The same can be said about scientists and cosmologists examining the coincidences in the universe.  For example, the percentage of hydrogen of all the elements is similar to the percentage of dark energy of all the matter and energy in the universe.  The percentage of helium is comparable to the percentage of dark matter, and the remainder of the elements is about the same percentage as the remaining energy and matter in the universe.  Is this a coincidence?  Or is it evidence of a design?

We are very fortunate to live in the “Goldilocks zone” of our solar system and of the Milky Way Galaxy.  We are on a planet that is positioned just the right distance from the sun with just the right tilt of our axis.  We are situated in our galaxy at just the right point, not too close to the killer radiation in the center, nor too far away where our solar system would be less stable.  Is this a coincidence or by design?

Galaxies around us, except for Andromeda which is headed our way, are accelerating in their effort to get away from us like the Milky Way has the plague.  When stars die, they fuse hydrogen into helium.  Then they fuse helium into oxygen and then into carbon and then into iron.  The stars compress and depending on the size of the star can become a white dwarf or a neutron star or magnetar or a black hole.

When galaxies die, would it be coincidence if they acted like stars.  Galaxies could decrease in size as dark energy becomes dark matter.  Dark matter could crush the galaxies in a quantum world of the Big Crunch.  Then just like a giant star that explodes in a supernova, the compressed galaxies inside the black hole could explode into a Big Bang.  Is this a coincidence or design?

It is interesting that if the galaxies remained proportional to each other according to their original imprint and the hold of the supermassive black hole in the center of each galaxy, it is quite possible that galaxies decreasing in size as this compaction occurred from the dark energy would appear exactly the same as if the galaxies were speeding away from each other.  This theory actually makes more sense than the expansion of the universe because the expansion would start slowing down rather than accelerating.  Is this a coincidence or design?

I’m like the hardened detective.  I don’t believe in coincidences, especially so many of them.  They all add up to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our universe was designed by a Creator.