Thoughts on Independence Day

This July 4th is the best of times, but it also may be the worst of times.  Americans still have their fragile democracy and freedoms, but they are facing tremendous economic burdens that could crush our system.

As a retired military and civilian member who served in all four services, I saw America at her best during the First Gulf War with President George H. Bush at the helm.  Then I saw our government falter with poor decisions being made during the following wars.  As an acquisition fraud attorney, I also witnessed significant increases in fraud, waste, and abuse throughout the federal government.  I watched as our democracy and capitalism were being replaced by socialism and “government bailouts.”  I was astonished at the growth and expansion of the federal government over the past few decades, sapping the strength of America and jeopardizing its heartbeat.

My proposal to turn things around is fairly simple, through CLIPS: Cut Levels Immediately, Permanently, and Substantially of the federal government.  As the federal government is downsized, we can rely more on privatization and local governments to pick up the slack.

Pray that our progeny will have many July 4th celebrations ahead.